Grove Students

Grove Student Ministries Seeks to...

ENGAGE students in a environment where God is lifted up,

ENCOURAGE students to live like Jesus everyday and

EQUIP students to step into the path that the Lord has for their life

Cambium Ministry

What does cabium mean?

Cambium is the layer of a tree's trunk that is responsible for its growth.  The cambium is the layer of sapwood within the tree trunk that transports the nutrients from the roots and distributes them to the rest of the tree to facilitate growth, Like the cambium, a vibrant student ministry is integral for the growth of a church and the community it serves. As students we draw from the foundation of God's word ad the examples of the seasoned believers that have gone before us to reach the next generation to facilitate growth in their faith in Jesus Christ

when do we meet?

We are currently on break during the Sunday morning Grove Group Hour however we are meeting every Wednesday nights either outside or in the Gym or fellowship hall where we can meet safely and practice social distancing.  Facemasks are currently required until the state-wide order is lifted on July 31.

what do we study?

Spiritual warfare, Books of the Bible and Current issues facing students today are among the study topics for Grove Students.  Every time we meet, we look at the Word of God as the guide for everything that we do.


We also utilize RightNow Media to help us bring relevant teaching to students and also to challenge them to seek and study on their own finding answers themselves from the Bible.

What do We do for fun?

Fellowship and fun are a valuable part of student life.  Grove Student Ministry provides plenty of opportunities for students to gather and hang out.  

Students may also get involved with regular off campus events with Grove Student Ministries. We try to keep the costs low and the fun high so that everyone will be able to participate!