Grove Students

Grove Student Ministries Seeks to...

ENGAGE students in a environment where God is lifted up,

ENCOURAGE students to live like Jesus everyday and

EQUIP students to step into the path that the Lord has for their life


why grove students?

Life is just better together!  Grove Students is place where anyone can come and find a friend.  We don't just get together to have fun but we DO have fun!  We also learn really valuable stuff about how Jesus wants to work in our life and help us live this life.  Most of all we can grow closer to God and to one another at Grove Students.

when do we meet?

We are currently on break during the Sunday morning Grove Group Hour however we are meeting every Wednesday nights either outside or in the Gym or fellowship hall where we can meet safely and practice social distancing.  

what do we study?

Spiritual warfare, Books of the Bible and Current issues facing students today are among the study topics for Grove Students.  Every time we meet, we look at the Word of God as the guide for everything that we do.


We also utilize RightNow Media to help us bring relevant teaching to students and also to challenge them to seek and study on their own finding answers themselves from the Bible.


CLICK HERE to view the current newsletter. where you will find all the details about upcoming events and other great stuff!